Better Together "The Hero Within"

About Better Together "The Hero Within"

Affinity’s Better Together Benefit Dinner is our signature fundraising event of the year. This year's event is continuing to raise funds to support our mentees and their families at 5 different locations in our community. We are all super heroes in one way or another and when a community comes together for the benefit of the next generation we all step into the most heroic act of all. Uplifting our community and striving to make the next generation better.

We look forward to sharing how our corporate partners have positively impacted the lives of students and families in our community through innovation, passion, and generosity. In years to come, the partnership between the education, social service, and business sectors will be even more important to support the next generation of leaders.

The funds raised from this event are essential to sustain our organization and support students and their mentors.

Thank you for your support!